Premature ejaculation can be worrying and embarrassing and may give cause for concern in men of any age. If you are being affected in this way, then you are most probably finding that you have an orgasm immediately you enter your partner, or even before. However, there is no reason to panic. This is a very common problem and it does not mean that you are lacking in any way sexually or that you are always going to find your body reacting in this way.

What causes this problem?

Whether you have had issues with premature ejaculation before or this is the first occurrence, there are a great many things that can lead to the condition. It may be due to stress, illness, medication or a mix of several things. The good news is that you can deal with it by knowing how to control your body more effectively. You can also make use of various treatments that are on offer.

Do I need to see my doctor?

It is a good idea to get medical advice and remember that what may appear to be an embarrassing problem for you is a regular one for your G.P. or medical expert. In order to classify your problem as erectile dysfunction, he will need to know:

  • How quickly does ejaculation occur?
  • Do you find it hard to delay orgasm?
  • Is this causing you problems with your partner and your sex life?

If you answer yes to each of these and it is happening most of the time, then he will investigate further in order to help you.

How can my doctor help me?

Before your doctor can assist you, he will need to find out your particular reason for having this problem. He will probably ask you questions about your relationship, general health, any drugs you may be taking and if you feel stressed or depressed. He will also likely encourage you to discuss the issue with your partner as very often, once you are more relaxed about the sexual act, the problem will start to correct itself.

Your doctor may recommend some of the following treatments in order to help you:

  • Try using a condom to reduce sensation in the penis when erect
  • Experiment with different positions during love making
  • A prescription for an SSRI antidepressant can help
  • Sildenafil (Viagra) has also been known to be helpful with this problem. Most people think of Viagra just being useful for erectile dysfunction (impotency) but this is not the case
  • Sprays and creams can act as a mild anaesthetic thereby slightly numbing the penis and giving you more time to react

It will really depend on what your doctor sees as being the main culprit for the premature ejaculation. As you can see, there are many helpful things that can be done and it is never something that you should feel traumatised about. If the cause is something indirectly related, he will treat that first and allow your body to return to its normal state i.e. if you are suffering from stress or depression psychological treatment may be used such as hypnosis or counselling. Antidepressants may be used in conjunction with the regime.

In extreme cases men have undergone surgery to relieve the problem but this is not at all common so do not worry that this is going to happen to you.

So as can be seen premature ejaculation can affect many men and research has shown that as many as two in ten can be troubled by it at some time. However, with so many excellent treatments available, it should never trouble you for too long.